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Go Maximalist This Winter 

Are you the kind of person who likes to go maximalist during winter? 

Then our fashion guide will help you to have a look that everyone will admire. In winter everyone likes to stay in their comfort zone. But somewhere or the other they lack their style. You can buy fashionable clothes but they are of no use if you don’t know how to style them correctly.  

Some trendy looks that will change your appearance are: 

Mismatched Clothes

By wearing the same clothes every other day things become boring. Adding some different colors to your attire can make things a bit more happening. These days people are loving prints like animals, images, floral prints, and many other. In clothes like slim fit jeans, bell bottoms, skirts, jackets, mufflers, mostly in every other thing. Prints create a lot of differences from boring clothes to making them look more happening. Don’t be afraid to wear all-over printed clothes from top to bottom. Moreover, to have that look go for printed loose jeans, a different print top, and layer it with a printed jacket. And in all of these take different colors from top to bottom.

For instance, starting from the top wear an orange top, a light orange jacket, and white jeans. Because when everything becomes boring colors are the only solution to elevate your looks. With this, you can go for a piece of minimal jewelry, if you want or else they won’t be required. 

The advantage of mismatched clothes is that once you start wearing them you can easily switch to comfortable clothes and everyone will still look up to your style.       

Yes Or No For Corsets?  

Almost every girl of this generation loves to flaunt their perfect shape. And corsets are a way through which you can stay warm as well as flaunt yourself. Because they come in a wide variety from off-shoulder to full sleeves. So you need not worry about how will you style your clothes. The benefit of corsets is even if you add on some layers the shape you want to flaunt will still be visible. Moreover these days except for tops, corseted dresses are also available. 

It is no big deal to wear dresses in winter, all you can do is wear a pair of matching stockings and matching footwear. So that you can have a monochrome look. But if you don’t want a monochrome look then you can go for printed stockings and contrasting footwear. And above that layer yourself with a trench coat of the same shade as your dress. With this look, later on, there is no need for any jewelry as your clothes will be enough to make you stand out.

In addition, if you want to wear a corset top then underneath wear leather jeans and a pair of heels to have a chic look. This attire will look perfect for evening functions. Because many people avoid wearing corsets during winter as you know everyone likes loose clothes.


Almost everyone today tends to show as less skin as possible in winter. But you can go for showing off some skin and at the same time stay warm. Wear cut-out tops or even a dress and layer it up with a bomber jacket, denim jacket, or a coat. And under a dress, you can wear a pair of stockings or if you feel extremely cold then you can go for skin-fit jeans. Don’t worry as nobody will be able to make out whether you are wearing jeans or stockings. Moreover, when you are wearing a top, with that you can go for pants, jeans, or even skirts. And underneath it, you can add on some layers. As this outfit is a bit subtle so with this you can wear heavy earrings or even a neckpiece.  

Chunky Clothes 

Make yourself pop up from the crowd by experimenting with neon colors. When the whole country is covered with snow, neon clothes can add colors to your clothes and give you a chunky look. You can go for colors like hot pink, orange, purple, red, or any neon color that you like. For instance, customize your attire by wearing an orange crop top, purple jeans, a hot pink jacket, and chunky red boots. This color combination will look good on anyone. Along with this, you can wear sunglasses, carry a statement bag, and a pair of matching earrings.           

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