Top 5 Spetacular Drives in Hong Kong  

Long drives in a scenic natural environment with a smooth clear road are the prime choice for all the roadies out there. It is pretty sure that you all love road traveling. Travelling itself is a pleasurable part of life. And if you are planning for a rod trip, you have to pick up the convenient and smooth road without any hurdles. Some people have a craze for riding a bike or driving a car. Here are the smooth track of all the bikers and drivers. If you love car racing or you want to learn to drive, Hong Kong gives you the perfect opportunity in a panoramic and eye-catching scenario.

In addition, road trips are an adventurous and exciting way to get the pleasure of tavelling. Nothing is more joyous than travel by your car. It is the most comfortable and convenient tour that you would remember for a lifetime. It’s the time to pack your bags and go somewhere you find peace and a relaxed atmosphere that maintain your mental peace.

1-Tai Tam Road

Tai Tam Road is the most serene and relaxing way, situated in Tai Tam Country Park. it gives you an attractive view of rocky hills and flourishing mountains. This amazing narrow way offers you a perfect panoramic view of the hilly area at the turning point covered with clouds. When you would get the experience to ride a car on this road, it gives a fairy tale look for its natural view. Take a joyous ride of the scenic view of these spectacular roads with Kkday Deal.

2- Tao Mo Shan Road

Tao Mo Shan Road is a dangerous track for road trips. It gives you the best ever way to enjoy a bizarre view along with the mountain range. You have to walk to the highest peak of the mountains due to the blockage of the upper area of this road. The spectacular amazing view would be worth taking for you to enjoy a dangerous hiking track experience.

3-Tai Mong Tsai Road

Tai Mong Tsai Road gives you a breathtaking experience of turquoise green with unusual views. It is an adventurous way that allows you the perfect option of hiking and camping. If you daring and love to explore a new place that excites you so you must plan a road trip. You have to take proper permission to go to a specific spot then you would get a chance to hike on hexagonal rock and more exciting spots.

4-Fei Ngo Shan Road

Fei Ngo Shan Road gives you a classic view of Victoria Harbour. The Kowloon Peak named Fei Ngo Shan is the perfect smooth way with usually light traffic on daily basis. This narrow road gives you an amazingly beautiful outlook at its turning points. You can stop to take memorable photos of the whole scenic view.

5-Deep Bay Road

The deep bay road is the imaginary perfect way to drive through the mangrove beach. The sparkling ocean due to the reflection of the sun’s rays gives you a jaw-dropping experience. Nothing is more romantic than you have ever experienced in your life. This road gives you a connected way through Shenzhen Bay and Nim Wan Road. You must arrive at Ha Pak Nai before evening to see a jaw-dropping view of the “mirror of the sky” of Hong Kong.

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