Pros and Cons of Buying Spotify plays 

What are Spotify plays?

Spotify is also a powerful platform for singers to grow their audience and gain popularity and recognition in the industry. It is not an easy task to be recognized while standing out of the crowd with unique music. To increase the number of plays to get visibility by having an influential audience of singers buys 15000 Spotify plays. When they pay for a bot to stream their tracks repeatedly, this will increase the track’s number of plays.

Spotify classifies a single song stream when it is listened to for 30 seconds or more. Restarting the song, whether by having it on repeat or clicking it again, will count as another play after 30 seconds of listening. It is like buying followers or subscribers on Instagram and YouTube, respectively. Many kinds of packages are available from different sites to buy Spotify plays.

Pros and cons of buying Spotify plays 

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform. It is an excellent platform for new artists to reach a real audience. They can even increase their fan base by buying Spotify plays and followers. It is well known that getting recognized in the music industry in the initial days is very hard. The competition is tough, and it is even difficult for new artists to get their songs on Spotify’s popular playlists. Thus, buying 15000 Spotify plays is the only option left for them. It helps them gain a good reputation instantly. Because buying plays will increase the number of streams and followers for the artists, which is excellent. As any new user tends to attract someone who has a huge fan following.

There are many different kinds of Spotify packages provided by various sites. The whole buying process and deciding where and how much to buy. An artist should ensure that he will buy only actual Spotify plays and high-quality Spotify followers from a trusted Legal website, as many companies in the market are just giving fake plays and followers, which could risk a person’s reputation and position.

If Spotify finds any illegal or fake plays, the artist will get flagged by Spotify, and his actions will also be restricted. Besides this, the worst case happens when Spotify bans his account. Because once it is banned, it becomes challenging to recover its reputation. Hence, before buying 15000 plays, one should research the website or a company to get only real Spotify plays.

Pros of buying

  • Buying Spotify plays increases the visibility of the artists on Spotify. Buying plays gives a higher number of streams to the artists’ songs. It helps in getting recognized by other or new users on Spotify. Because if there are a higher number of streams on the track, Spotify will recommend it to more people and include it in the playlists. In this way, an artist can gain a good reputation and reach a high level in the music industry.
  • It boosts the reputation of an artist. When people check the number of followers on any artist’s page, they are more likely to attract many followers. So if an artist has a good fan following, his profile will automatically be checked and clicked many times. It will increase the fame and reputation of an artist as more people are now enjoying and following his tracks.
  • Buying 15000 Spotify plays gives faster growth to an artist. The initial years of any new artist are crucial and slow as well. But if artists have a good number of followers early on, it will boost their success rate.

The cons of buying Spotify plays

  • Spotify can do detention. If it finds any fake or unreal streaming or followers, an artist can get flagged. An artist’s account can even get banned by Spotify, making it nearly impossible to recover it once banned.

  • Once it is found in the industry that an artist has bought plays, his reputation in the industry could suffer a lot. Even if an artist is hoping to get signed by a big label or is going to collaborate with other prominent artists, it could even limit that chance.

  • It will not help add up the numbers for the likes and followers of streams. Like if an artist’s track has more streams but significantly fewer likes and followers than many plays. His account can look suspicious, and he can even get caught.

So buying Spotify has both pros and cons. If an artist buys from a genuine site, it minimizes the chances of being caught. And if buying plays is not that important for any artist, it is recommended not to buy them. A good talent can get an audience with a bit of hard work.

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